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British Darts Organisation

World Masters Men 1986

Kensington Rainbow, London
From: Friday 5 December 1986
Till: Saturday 6 December 1986
Prize money:
  1. £8,000
  2. £1,000
  3. £3,000
  4. Q/F £500
  1. Total: £15,000

A new location means a new champion. In 1986 the World Masters are played at the 5th and 6th of December in the Kensington Rainbow in London. Bob Anderson wins a thrilling final, beating Canada’s Bob Sinnaeve 3-2.

Anderson defeats reigning champion Dave Whitcombe in the final and beats Welshman Chris Johns in the semis. Sinnaeve ends the hopes of Malcolm Davies and Jocky Wilson. Perhaps this World Masters are the fundament for later Dutch successes in darts. Bert Vlaardingerbroek reaches the quarterfinals, beating Mike Gregory on the way. In this quarterfinal Vlaardingerbroek loses to Jocky Wilson, but it helps the Dutchman to the 1988 Embassy. He was the first Dutchman ever at the Embassy.

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