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World Darts Federation

WDF World Cup Ladies Pairs 1997

Burswood Resort, Perth
From: Wednesday 1 October 1997
Till: Saturday 4 October 1997
Champion WDF World Cup Ladies Pairs 1997

After Brisbane, Queensland in 1985 the World Cup darts goes "Down Under" for the second time in history, this time to Perth in Western Australia. The long trip to the southern hemisphere means there are a lot fewer countries than two years previously in Basel, Switzerland. But with 26 countries, the organizers cannot complain, as all the top countries are present for this event.

In the ladies pairs tournament there was turmoil in the group stage after the English ladies Mandy Solomons and Trina Gulliver lost 4-1 to the women from the Philippines, Paulita Villanueva & Janice Hinojales. As a result, the English ladies finished second in their group and they had to play hosts Australia with Dot McLeod & Megan Rodgers in the eighth-finals. The Australian ladies won this match 4-2. This made it clear early on that the English ladies would not retain their overall title from two years earlier. Other notable exits during the group phase were Scotland, Finland, Denmark and New Zealand.

The ladies from the Philippines were clearly inspired by their group win over England as they beat the Belgian pair Monique Victoor & Sandra Pollet 4-0 in the eighth finals. In the quarterfinal they beat the Japanese duo Ritsuko Nomura & Yukari Nishikawa 4-3. And the semi-final was won 4-2 against the also surprising pair from South Africa (Vanessa Jacobs & Karin Visser).

In the final, the ladies from the Philippines faced the strong and experienced team from the USA Stacy Bromberg & Lori Verrier. Team USA encountered little difficulty in reaching the final. In the semi-finals they defeated the Canadian duo Patricia Farrell & Gayl King 4-1. In their five games until the final the American ladies lost only five legs. In the final the Philippine ladies offered good resistance, but it still was not enough against the more experienced ladies from the USA who won 4-2. For the USA, this was the second World Cup pairs title, after their previous victory in 1987.

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