Updated on 15/08/2017 21:52
World Darts Federation

WDF World Cup Ladies Pairs

The World Cup is held since 1977 and organised by the World Darts Federation. The tournament is opened for ladies in 1983 and in 1999 the youth is also finally invited. The tournament is known as the official World Championship but hasn’t got the profile of either the BDO or the PDC World Championships. It is a gathering of players from all parts of the World who meet and play in a very friendly atmosphere.

In the ladies pairs tournament it’s the English ladies who take the gold medal home more than any other country. They have won eleven of the seventeen editions. From 1983 untill 2013 the ladies teams consisted of only two players so the pairs tournament was also the team event. From 2015, the ladies participate with four players per country and there are two pairs.

Trina Gulliver has won the pairs five times with three different partners. The other pairs titles go to the Netherlands (2x), USA (2x) and both Wales and Germany win once.

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