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World Darts Federation

WDF Europe Cup Men Teams 2006

Lynch West County Hotel , Ennis
From: Thursday 21 September 2006
Till: Saturday 23 September 2006

Since 1978 the best players from Europe battle for the WDF Europe Cup. Traditionally the English have been dominant in the history of darts, this tournament is no different.

In the first year the team event is played with teams of three players, but since 1980 its teams of four players all playing in a round-robin singles event. Up to sixteen legs are played. If the score reaches 8 all, both teams nominate a player to throw the decisive leg.

Of the nineteen editions England wins this event eleven times. Yet the English men in recent years are certainly no longer as dominant as in the 80s and 90s. The last win now dates back to 2004. Scotland won the first edition and is also the strongest in 2002. Wales and Netherlands also win this event twice while Denmark and Belgium are the strongest once.

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