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World Darts Federation

WDF Europe Cup Men Teams 1992

Planet Funfun, Kerava
From: Wednesday 21 October 1992
Till: Saturday 24 October 1992

From 22 to 25 October, European Cup VIII was held in Kerava, Finland. Fifteen countries participated in the men. Normally this Europe Cup was to be played in Granada, Spain, but the Spanish Darts Federation had to give the organisation back. The Finnish Darts Organisation stepped into the breach to make it possible for the tournament to commence. The question was again who could defeat the favourite English team, this time for the first time without legendary Eric Bristow.

The team event was played in groups for the first time. The countries were divided into four groups, and the top team in each group would advance to the semi-finals.

In Group A England with their star players, Phil Taylor, John Lowe, Alan Warriner and Bob Anderson effortlessly beat Norway and Republic of Ireland.
In Group B, there was a surprise. Scotland (Jocky Wilson, Jamie Harvey, Ronnie Sharp and Peter Johnstone) lost their opening match 9-6 to Northern Ireland and they also lost their third game 9-7 to Denmark. Because the Danes and the Northern Irish both had two points a playoff game was played between the two countries. It was won by Northern Ireland with 2-1.
In Group C hosts Finland triumphed. They won their group ahead of Belgium, Sweden and finally Switzerland.
In Group D it was Wales (Eric Burden, Peter Locke, Martin Phillips and Geoff Tucker) that narrowly won their group. In the final match Netherlands (Raymond van Barneveld, Paul Hoogenboom, Bert Vlaardingerbroek and Hans Zeelenberg) was beat. With the score tied at 8-8, Welshman Eric Burden who defeated Paul Hoogenboom 2-1 won the tiebreak. Netherlands would make an official complaint because the tiebreak rules] of the WDF said that in such a situation only one decisive leg should be played. In the program of the European Cup, this situation was not explained clearly and the best of 3 legs was played. Paul Hoogenboom won the first leg, but Eric Burden won the next two legs and the match for Wales. WDF officials decided that the decisive point had to be played again, but that only one leg would determine whom the winner would be. The Dutch delegation agreed with the situation and Paul Hoogenboom again came up against Eric Burden. Eric Burden finally won this leg and Wales qualified for the semi-finals.

In the semi-finals top favourite England defeated Northern Ireland (Mitchell Crooks, Roy Baillie, Geoff Wylie and Dermot McGuinness) 9-6 and the Finns (Kexi Heinaharju, Aulis Nissinen, Mauri Hakala and Heikki Hermunen) got a 9-2 trouncing at the hands of Wales.

In the final the English team won with clear figures, Wales was defeated 9-3.

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