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World Darts Federation

WDF Europe Cup Men Pairs 1992

Planet Funfun, Kerava
From: Wednesday 21 October 1992
Till: Saturday 24 October 1992

From 22 to 25 October, European Cup VIII was held in Kerava, Finland. Fifteen countries participated in the men. Normally this Europe Cup was to be played in Granada, Spain, but the Spanish Darts Federation had to give the organisation back. The Finnish Darts Organisation stepped into the breach to make it possible for the tournament to commence. The question was again who could defeat the favourite English team, this time for the first time without legendary Eric Bristow.

In the pairs event both English pairs reached the semi-finals (Bob Anderson & John Lowe and Phil Taylor & Alan Warriner), one Scottish duo (Ronnie Sharp & Jamie Harvey) and the strong Finnish pair (Kexi Hainaharju & Aulis Nissinsen) . The Finns confirmed their semi-final spot from a year earlier in the World Cup by beating the Scottish duo Wilson & Johnstone in the second round and knocking out Burden and Phillips from Wales in the quarterfinals.

In the first semi-final the Finns, supported by a lot of fans, took the win against the English duo Anderson & Lowe. The Finns qualified for the final 4-3. On the other side of the draw, there was an incident between Phil Taylor and the Scot Jamie Harvey. The Scottish pair went in front 2-0, when Phil Taylor reacted rather unprofessional and unsportsmanlike. When Taylor returned from the board, he walked straight up to Ronnie Sharp and made a few comment to the Scot. This happened twice and the Scottish team manager John Cook made the referee aware of this. Jamie Harvey was furious by the unsportsmanlike attitude of Taylor, but Ronnie Sharp had the most trouble with it. He was so impressed that he completely lost his throwing rhythm. As a result, the English came back to 2-1. But the incident was not done yet. Phil Taylor insisted his tricks and it came to an altercation between the world champion and Jamie Harvey and as a result, Alan Warriner interfered as well. Taylor refused to throw another dart, but the England team manager Olly Croft and Alan Warriner insisted that the game was continued. No one understood the attitude of Taylor and the joy was great when Jamie hurled the sixth leg and booked himself along with Ronnie Sharp a place in the final. Both Taylor and Warriner were playing at a very high level so this incident certainly was not needed. Olly Croft, after the game had a short but intense conversation with Taylor and the world number one went to apologize to Harvey and Sharp. An intervention of Croft showing clear results, because on the Sunday Taylor and Harvey were seen having a drink together.

In the final Taylor even had a word of encouragement for the Scots against the Finnish duo Heinaharju & Nissinen. An exciting final in front of the television cameras was won 4-3 by Harvey and Sharp.

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