WDF Europe Cup Ladies Singles 2004

Since 1978 the best players from Europe battle for the WDF Europe Cup. In 1982, the ladies get their own Europe Cup. Untill 2012 the two best women from each country fight for the Cup, the teams are extended to four women in 2014. Traditionally the English have been dominant in the history of darts, this tournament is no different.

In the women's singles only Francis Hoenselaar has managed to win the title three times. Sue Edwards and Trina Gulliver are both on two victories. Yet there were some surprising winners in the ladies as well. In 1998 for example Denise Cassidy wins for Northern Ireland and in 2012 the Belgian Patricia de Peuter wins the title.

Yet England is by far the most successful country when it comes to the singles titles. Eight times an English lady has won the title, 17 times an English lady reached the final and three times the final was a full English affair.

Venue: Finland Scandic Hotel Rosendahl, Tampere From: Wednesday 13 October 2004 Till: Saturday 16 October 2004


Francis Hoenselaar
WDF Europe Cup Ladies Singles - 2004