Updated on 15/08/2017 21:52
World Darts Federation

WDF Europe Cup Ladies Pairs

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From: Tuesday 25 September 2018
Till: Saturday 29 September 2018
Reigning champion:
Reigning champion of WDF Europe Cup Ladies Pairs 2016
Photographer: Nederlandse Darts Bond

Since 1978 the best players from Europe battle for the WDF Europe Cup. In 1982, the ladies get their own Europe Cup. Untill 2012 the two best women from each country fight for the Cup, the teams are extended to four women in 2014. Traditionally the English have been dominant in the history of darts, this tournament is no different.

Eight times the English ladies were the strongest in the pairs event. Trina Gulliver was part of the winning pair three times. Dutch ace Karin Krappen also won this event no less than three times and was thus involved in all Dutch victories. Wales clinched the gold four times. Sweden was the strongest twice and Germany took home victory in 2014, which makes this pairs event very hard to predict.

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