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Premier League 2005

Various cities Various cities
From: Thursday 20 January 2005
Till: Tuesday 31 May 2005
Prize money:
  1. £50,000
  2. £15,000
Other prize money:
  1. Runner-up £30,000
  2. 5d place £12,000
  3. 6d place £10,000
  4. 7d place £8,000
  5. High finish of Night 1 £500
  6. High finish of Night 2 £1,000
  7. High finish of Night 3 £1,000
  8. High finish of Night 4 £1,000
  9. High finish of Night 5 £1,000
  10. High finish of Night 6 £1,000
  11. High finish of Night 7 £1,000
  12. High finish of Night 8 £1,000
  13. High finish of Night 9 £1,000
  14. High finish of Night 10 £1,000
  15. High finish of Night Play-Offs £1,000
  16. Total: £151,000

In 2005, when the Premier League has its first edition no one knows what to expect from this new tournament. The first season all the British players get a 'home match' and the tournament is played in venues that hold between 500 and 1.000 spectators. The first year seven players participated in the first edition of the Premier League. Phil Taylor, Colin Lloyd, Wayne Mardle, John Part, Peter Manley, Mark Dudbridge and Dutchman Roland Scholten. Four games per night are on the schedule, which means that there is one player that plays two games a night.

Phil Taylor remains unbeaten in the first season, only Colin Lloyd in the first week gets a draw against The Power. Lloyd finishes second himself in the league followed by Manley in third. Only in the last game of the year the fourth place is secured by Roland Scholten. In the semi-finals, Lloyd beats Manley and Scholten plays against Taylor in what would prove to be a classic. The Dutchman takes the lead at 4-1 and 11-7. He then only needs 2 more legs to beat Taylor but The Power wins the last six legs of the match and secures a place in the final. That final will be played a day later and convincingly won by Taylor with 16-4. Taylor becomes the first Premier League champion.