Updated on 15/08/2017 21:52
Professional Darts Corporation

Players Championships

In 2003, to commemorate PDC Official Bobby Bourn, the PDC organised a tournament in Blackpool before the World Matchplay. There is good prize money on offer and it’s organised very well and therefore a great success. In those years most PDC ranking tournaments were still very scattered across the calendar and under different organizers. This tournament proved to be the stepping-stone to a new structure where the PDC itself held control of the organization and the prize money. Phil Taylor beat John Part to win the first Bobby Bourn Memorial.

In the second year especially the Professional Darts Players Association of the PDC (PDPA) invested to build this circuit. That year five PDPA Players Championships appeared on the calendar. These tournaments proved a great success and soon the PDC expanded this circuit. In 2010 there were no fewer than 37 Players Championships.

With the introduction of the Euro Tour in 2012 Players Championships disappeared on the European continent and in recent years there are 20 held, all in Britain and Ireland.

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