Updated on 15/08/2017 21:52
Professional Darts Corporation

PDC Youth/Development Tour

From 2011 the PDC gets seriously involved with the younger players to break through in the future on the big stages. The series of tournaments changes names very often. From 2011 until 2014 they are named the Youth Tour, with the exception of 2013 when it’s called the Challenge Tour for a year. From 2015 the name of the tour is Development Tour. The age group of the participants has also changed through the years. Starting as an under 21 series, in 2013 it changed to under 25. Since 2014 the tour is open to players between 16 and 23.

The name does not matter, it focuses on the development of players between 16 and 23 and gives them a chance to play each other and not immediately against the absolute top in the PDC. The cycle is a great success from the beginning and especially Rod Harrington has been a great ambassador for this project from the beginning.

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