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Professional Darts Corporation

PDC World Championship 2006

Circus Tavern, Purfleet
From: Monday 19 December 2005
Till: Monday 2 January 2006
Prize money:
  1. £100,000
  2. £50,000
  3. £20,000
  4. Q/F £12,500
  5. Last 16 £8,500
  6. Last 32 £5,000
  7. Last 64 £3,500
Other prize money:
  1. High finish £0
  2. Total: £500,000

In 2006 the curtains opened for 64 players. Players from all over the world travelled to the UK to fight for the world title, and the 100.000 pound check. The prize money in the PDC has grown so exponentially that it’s now a lot more profitable for players to be in the PDC WC rather than in the BDO. This is mainly for the players that lose in the earlier rounds. At the end of the road it doesn’t matter much, Taylor has the cup in his hands once again, and the only really strong competitor he encountered was in the semi-finale, where Wayne Mardle manages to push it to the last set. Peter Manley stands against Taylor in the finale for the 3rd time in his carrier, but “One Dart” can’t win a set and Taylor storms to a 7-0 victory with an average of 106.

Because the field has now opened to 64 players mean more Dutchmen get a chance to play. Roland Scholten is still the only placed dutchy, He’s 4th in the list, but he loses the 3rd round to a young Englishman, Adrian Lewis. Erwin Extercatte can also have a small taste of the main stage. He wins his first game, just like Jan van der Rassel, who wins the first round off of Steve Beaton, but loses a round later to the American John Kuczynski.

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