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Professional Darts Corporation

PDC World Championship 2004

Circus Tavern, Purfleet
From: Saturday 27 December 2003
Till: Sunday 4 January 2004
Prize money:
  1. £50,000
  2. £25,000
  3. £12,500
  4. Q/F £7,500
  5. Last 16 £5,250
  6. Last 32 £3,250
  7. Last 40 £2,500
  8. Last 48 £1,500
Other prize money:
  1. High finish £1,000
  2. Total: £257,000

Despite his loss in 2003, Taylor is back full force. It’s 2004, and he’s back to reclaim his beloved title, and won’t let anything, or anyone, stand in his way. Years 2004 and 2005 are the years of ‘good old’ Bob Anderson, who makes the semi finales at the end of his beautiful carrier. Still it is Taylor yet again who comes to claim the prize. In 2004 he plays the finale against Kevin Painter, and what nobody expects happens anyway. The 2003 finale against John Part was the most beautiful ever played, but the 2004 finale follows a spectacular game that overshadows the year previous. Painter makes is a beautiful match where he keeps up with Taylor until it’s 6-6 in sets and 5-5 in legs. Then the matchmaking 11th leg needs to be played in the 13th set. In the end it’s Taylor who proves master of his nerves. He takes his 9th PDC WC Title, his 11th World Championship title in total, but it certainly wasn’t the easiest.

In 2004 the playerfield grows yet again. Another 8 spots become available, which makes it so that there are now 2 preliminary rounds. The first preliminary round is for competitors from the more exotic countries like Japan, Australia and Guyana.

Played finals