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Professional Darts Corporation

PDC World Championship 1996

Circus Tavern, Purfleet
From: Thursday 26 December 1996
Till: Monday 1 January 1996
Prize money:
  1. £14,000
  2. £7,000
  3. £4,000
  4. Q/F £2,500
  5. Last 16 £1,500
  6. Last 24 £1,250
  7. 4d place £4,000
Other prize money:
  1. High finish £1,500
  2. Total: £62,500

In 1996 Phil Taylor returns to successfully defend his title in the Circus Tavern. Up until the finale Taylor just loses a single set. In the finale he faces the man whom he will shine with in all of the 90’s WC finale’s, Dennis Priestley. The man from Yorkshire only loses 2 sets himself up until the final, and the 1996 final is a beauty to behold. Two of the biggest players of their time make a beautiful game, but in the end it’s Taylor who yet again walks away with the title. He wins 6-4.

1996 is the first year the 1st round is played in poules. Larry Butler is responsible for kicking out the number 2 of the world, Rod Harrington, but loses in the quarter finales to the Scot Jamie Harvey, who is playing his best WC ever. 1996 is also the year of goodbyes. It’s the first year the Scot Jocky Wilson is not competing in the WC. He is now retired.

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