Updated on 15/08/2017 21:53
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Championship League of Darts 2012

Crondon Park GC, Crondon, Essex
From: Tuesday 25 September 2012
Till: Thursday 1 November 2012

In 2012 Phil Taylor wins the Championship League of Darts again. Just like the year before, he wins All nine of his matches on that day. Yet it was more difficult in 2012 for The Power than in previous editions. It took him fourth attempt to actually make it to the finals.

In the final, he again beat an Australian. Last year it was Paul Nicholson, this year the victim was Simon Whitlock who he defeated 6-4.

The man who played more matches than everyone else this year was Mark Walsh. He plays six days in the groups and also reaches the final day, pocketing over 15,000 pounds in total.