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Championship League of Darts 2009

Crondon Park GC, Crondon, Essex
From: Tuesday 15 September 2009
Till: Thursday 22 October 2009

The surprising winner in 2009 is Colin Osborne. He manages to hold off Phil Taylor in the final and claims the biggest title of his career. It takes Osborne four times to qualify for the finals, but that day he has the best day of his career. In the semi finals he beats Mervyn King 6-1 and later Taylor 6-4. Adrian Lewis sets an unique record playing on every day of the tournament including the finals. This feat earns the Englishman over 19,000 pounds. On behalf of The Netherlands Jelle Klaasen reaches the last day, but he cannot make a real impact that day, he finishes in seventh spot. Vincent van der Voort, Michael van Gerwen, Roland Scholten and Co Stompe all play as well but don’t get through the first group stage